Do You Need a New Garage Roof?

Do You Need a New Garage Roof


A garage roof fulfills many important purposes, like keeping your tools and vehicles dry, protecting the structure from water damage and maintaining your home’s curb appeal.

If your garage roof is starting to fall down on the job (hopefully not literally), it’s time to consider the possibility that it may need to be replaced. An in-depth inspection and a professional opinion will help you make your decision.

Don’t Delay Repairs

First, taking care of your garage roof is essential. It’s much easier to put off garage roof repairs than repairs to your home’s roof. After all, you don’t live in your garage. You just park your car there, or spend time there when you’re working on a project.

Regardless of what’s underneath your garage roof, it requires just as much care and maintenance as your residential roof. As soon as you notice a leak, a missing shingle or any other problems, make sure you fix it right away. If you do, you can realistically extend the life of the roof longer than if you ignore or put off issues.

Examine All Areas

The first step in assessing the need for a new garage roof is an inspection. You need to examine the roof, and document any the wear and tear you notice.

First, look at the shingle coverage. Are shingles missing? Check the flashing too. Is it rusty, buckled, bent or missing? Flashing is key to preventing water damage, so if you notice a problem, moisture may have penetrated the roof decking as well.

Check the gutters for shingle granules — this is a key sign the shingles are aging and won’t hold up much longer. Check for sagging in the roof valleys and active leaks inside the garage.

While garages usually aren’t as high off the ground as residential roofs, you should still avoid climbing on them. A professional roofing contractor will inspect it using the proper, safe tools.

Check for Rot, Mold, Decay

If you have leaks in your garage, be aware that moisture leads to mold growth and rot. When the rafters and support beams begin to decay, the entire structure is threatened. This is why you need to address leaks right away, and also why you may need a new garage roof. If moisture has spread and compromised the integrity of the building, it’s time for a replacement.

How Old Is the Roof?

Typically, shingled roofs last about 25 years. When was your garage built? When was the roof replaced last? If it’s only about 10 years old, you may be able to make repairs that help extend its longevity. But if it’s already close to the end of its life, replacement may be the cost-effective option.

If you’re debating whether you need a new garage roof, just call the Roof Doctor. We will come take a look and fill you in on what our trained, expert eyes see. Make an appointment for a free assessment today, and take care of your garage.

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