Finding the Best Metal Roofing Contractor

Finding the Best Metal Roofing Contractor


When hiring metal roofing contractors, remember that installation quality is just as important as roofing material quality. Metal roofing is an excellent choice for aesthetics and durability, and many homeowners adore the soothing sound of rain falling on it.

Think of metal as the little black dress of roofing — it goes with everything, never goes out of style, and compared with some other types of roofing, it offers easy maintenance. However, did you spend as much time choosing the ideal contractor as you did researching the roof itself?

Not all metal roofing contractors are equal, although that may not be obvious at first glance. Make sure your contractor is certified, licensed, insured and bonded as your state requires. They should have several years of experience and come armed with testimonials, references and before-and-after photos. Of course, every contractor has to start somewhere. If you hire an apprentice or newer contractor to work on your home, they should be under the supervision of another contractor with extensive experience.

Speed, Quality, Price

These three aspects are the magical trifecta of all factors roofing- and construction-related. It’s said that clients can have two of the three, but never all of them. Fortunately, that isn’t true. You can, and should, expect to have reasonably competitive guarantees with each of these. Your roofing should be installed or repaired in a timely manner, which is beneficial to everyone involved. It’s often easier and safer for roofing work to be completed in a shorter time frame so roofers can avoid bad weather. That’s why spring and autumn are both ideal times for big roofing projects. Roofers can avoid the intense heat (and heatstroke) of summer, and the heavy rain, snow and sleet of winter.

The quality of the roofing installation is, of course, a non-negotiable. You can rest easy by choosing a reputable contractor or company with zero Better Business Bureau complaints and respectable online reviews. A local company that’s familiar with the region’s weather, challenges and what homeowners in the area want can make the process simpler. Finally, there’s price. A respectable contractor will offer a fair yet competitive price and will work with homeowners to make financing feasible.

Timing Is Everything

Autumn is a great time to pick the best metal roofing contractor for you. Your home may have fared well during the summer months, but winter is right around the corner. It’s prime season for roof damage brought on by falling leaves, packed snow, hailstones and other winter messiness. Dings, missing shingles, leaks and water damage are all issues that are more likely to happen (and exacerbate) in cold months.

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