How Long Does a Slate Roof Installation Take?

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A slate roof installation will instantly transform the look of your home. You won’t believe the elegance and style simple slate tiles can bring, and it will make your house stand out even in grander neighborhoods.

slate roof installation

When considering this roofing option, you want to get all of the details you can before making a final decision, and that includes learning about the installation process. Specifically, how long will the entire project take?

The Planning Process

When a slate roofing contractor starts a project, they devote a significant amount of time to the planning process. They will assess your home’s roof structure, ensuring it can support the added weight of slate roofing tiles. In partnership with you, they will select a high-quality slate with the right shape and color to match your design scheme.

It’s a bit more involved than the planning process for an asphalt shingled roof, simply because the material requires that much more care and attention.

Detailed, Precise Work

Once the day arrives, the slate roof installation starts similarly to any other type of roofing installation: demolition is first. A fresh roof deck sometimes must be installed along with an underlayment.

After that, however, slate roofing contractors must be much more detailed. Chalk lines must be carefully measured in order to ensure the tiles are installed evenly. Each tile must be handled with care, and the contractor can’t walk across them or else they could fracture the stone.

While trained contractors are able to complete the work without difficulty, it’s still a big project that requires a team’s full attention. While each contractor’s time frame may differ, it will typically take longer to install a slate roof than an asphalt shingled roof, which usually only takes one day.

TruSlate by GAF

GAF TruSlate is a high-quality slate roofing system that is easy to install, and one of the best slate options available to homeowners. It is the highest-quality grade, S1, of natural, hand-quarried slate, and when contractors are officially trained by GAF, you know you’re getting the best service that’s backed by a lengthy materials and labor warranty. It will increase your home’s resale value, maintain its beauty throughout years of exposure to the elements and provide the waterproofing you need when you’re defending your home from Utah’s weather.

Your Utah Slate Roofing Contractor

Utah homeowners turn to the Roof Doctor when they opt for a slate roof installation. Not only does our team offer GAF’s TruSlate, we provide top-tier customer service and long-term roof maintenance going forward. Contact us today for a free quote.

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