How To Prep For Your Roofer

How to Prep for Your Roofer

A professional roofer comes equipped with the tools, knowledge and professionalism to take on just about any roofing project. However, the homeowner can still do some things to make Roofing Prepthe installation or repairs faster, easier and safer for roofers.

Just like when you hire movers, it’s polite to offer beverages to roofers, especially water if they’re working on a hot day. Put yourself in their shoes: If you were working on a roof all day, what are some basic amenities you’d like to have?

For example, do you have a dog that may surprise them? Do you happen to know where a downspout has come loose? Is there a trick to opening the back door when they need to use the restroom? You also can prepare your home so that it’s safer and easier for roofers to navigate. They have insurance, including workers’ compensation, to protect you from liability — but it’s still better to avoid accidents altogether.

A Clean Sweep

You don’t need to hire professional cleaners, but de-cluttering where roofers will be working (on the ground level, of course) is a good idea. Clear away any gardening tools, barbeques or outdoor toys. These aren’t just potential trip-and-fall hazards, but they can get damaged. Don’t leave anything on the ground you want to keep in tip-top shape.

Landscaping can be another issue, depending on the size of the project. If you’re remodeling, schedule any landscaping appointments after the roofing work is complete. Roofers will do their best to keep your property in pristine shape, but shingles can mess up fresh landscaping. In many cases, roofing can look like a construction zone. Leave the planting of new flowers, trees or shrubs until project completion.

Protect Yourself

You should have a copy of the roofer’s insurance and any certifications and licenses. It’s best to get this when you sign a contract, but at the very least, make sure it’s in hand before the project starts. Preparing for a roofing job means protecting yourself, too. You need to be certain you’re working with an established company that has all the necessary paperwork to protect you and your property.

There are a lot of independent roofing contractors out there, and while some are legitimate, it’s best to go with a reputable company. Call The Roof Doctor today for a free consultation, and get the peace of mind of knowing established roofing contractors are on your side.

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