Is Fall the Best Time of Year for a Roof Replacement?

Roof Replacement inspector looking at house

Should you wait for the best time of year for a roof replacement? Or should you give the go-ahead for the project no matter what the weather forecast predicts?

Roof Replacement

You have many factors to consider when planning a roof replacement, but quality of installation is your primary concern. It’s important to note that all high-quality asphalt roofing warranties are valid no matter what time of year the roof is installed, so it’s definitely possible to schedule the project anytime.

The best time of year for a roof replacement varies by climate and location, but most roofers agree that fall is their favorite season.

What’s So Great About Fall?

By the time fall comes, the summer sun has lost some of its power, but the days haven’t become too short yet. Also, spring’s rainstorms and winter’s chill can’t sabotage the workday. Good weather makes working outdoors on a home’s upper level safer and easier.

The only downside is that it’s one of the busiest times of the year for roofing companies, so it can be hard to schedule a project unless you’ve planned it months in advance — which you should.

Winter Is Colder but Cheaper

You could have your roof replaced in the winter. Due to the possibility of snow and ice, your roofing contractor may offer you a deal.

Spring Is Wet but Discounted

Spring weather is hard to predict, so it’s still considered the roofing off-season up until the sun shines more regularly. You still may be able to get a discount at this time of year.

Summer Is Hot but Dry

Summer is a busy season for roofers, but the heat takes a toll. It’s difficult to work all day on an asphalt roofing surface, so the beginning and end of the summer are better times for roofing jobs.

Plan Your Roof Replacement with Care

When it comes down to it, every roofer will tell you that the best time to get a roof replacement is when you’ve carefully planned the project. It’s stressful to homeowners to learn that their entire roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible, with no prior warning.

There’s no denying that a roof replacement is a hefty expense and a large-scale renovation, so all experienced roofing contractors will encourage you to regularly inspect your roof and to budget for a replacement as its useful life wanes.

Find out what the Roof Doctor can do for you — get a free estimate by calling today and setting up an assessment of your roof. The best time of year to get a roof replacement is anytime, when you trust the Roof Doctor.

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