Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter

Should you winterize your roof this fall? You bet!

Being proactive about roof maintenance can make for a secure, warm winter in your cozy home.

Work on getting your roof ready for winter by doing a few important preventive checks.


Look for Water Stains Inside

First, check the inside of your home for water stains. If you see black mold or discolored drywall, it could indicate a water leak. Anytime you suspect there is water where it shouldn’t be, call a roofer or a plumber to quickly to stop the flow and limit the damage.

Check Insulation and Ventilation

Next, go up into your attic. It plays a key role in the health of your roof and the overall energy efficiency of your home. If it’s not well-insulated, you’ll lose heat, and if it’s not properly ventilated, moisture can build up and cause your roof to mold and rot.

Stains, leaks, mold — these are all signs there could be something wrong with either the insulation or ventilation in the attic. Call your roofer right away if you see anything amiss in your attic.

Scout Your Roof’s Exterior

Now look at your roof. In most cases, it’s too dangerous to walk on your roof, and it isn’t good for the shingles, either. But what you can do is walk around the perimeter of your home and use binoculars to look at key areas.

Check the flashing and shingle coverage, especially around chimneys, pipes and roof seams. Curling, buckling or missing shingles require immediate repair. The same goes for flashing — when it’s buckled or bent, you need repairs.

Clean Debris from Gutters and Downspouts

Clean gutters look nicer than clogged gutters, but the main reason you want clean gutters is to make sure they carry the water away from your home so it doesn’t pool around the foundation. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear before winter begins!

Talk to a Pro

Are you wondering if your roof’s condition warrants repairs or even replacement before winter weather sets in? Talk to our team at the Roof Doctor about your concerns. We offer inspections and free quotes for our Utah customers.

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