Re-Roofing in the Winter: Good or Bad Idea?

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Re-roofing in the winter comes with some major benefits, but also a few drawbacks.

Is it the right move for you? What are the pros and cons?

re-roofing winter

Pro: Your Roofer Is Usually Less Busy

Since most roofing projects are done in the spring, summer and fall, your roofer likely has many more time slots available when it’s cold. If you have a specific start and finish date you’d like for your roof replacement, you’re more likely to have the project completed within that time frame in the winter.

Pro: You May Be Eligible for a Discount

Re-roofing in the winter could help you save significantly on the cost. Roofing material manufacturers typically offer discounts on products sold at this time of year. Also, your roofer may offer a discount on labor as well. Talk to your contractor about specific prices.

Pro: Take Care of Leaks Before Winter Makes Them Worse

Winter makes leaks easy to spot. Re-roofing now ensures that another season won’t go by before those leaks are addressed and resolved.

When roofing issues are discovered in late summer or fall, roofers are commonly asked if the project can wait until spring. What homeowners may not realize is that small leaks can translate to major water damage if they go unaddressed. Taking care of the work immediately may be better than paying for a replacement — and a long list of additional house repairs — in the spring.

Caution: Hire an Experienced Winter Roofer

Take note: It’s not a good idea to schedule a roof replacement in the winter if you’re working with an inexperienced contractor. The risks associated with climbing on top of your home are magnified in the winter — ice makes shingles slippery, and the cold makes tools hard to handle. Also, materials must be installed precisely as moisture can shorten their life span.

Make sure that you choose a roofer who is confident of their ability to successfully complete the job in any weather. They must take great care in their work, but even more so when it’s frigid or wet outside.

Caution: Watch the Weather

Don’t push your contractor to complete the job if there’s a lot of snow on the ground. If you’re re-roofing in the colder season, you may want to take advantage of your roofer’s flexible schedule, but you’ll have to be flexible too, because the job’s completion date depends on the forecast more so than ever.

Talk to the Roof Doctor about your plans for re-roofing in the winter, and get a detailed quote based on the size of your roof and the material of your choice. We’re ready to help you with your roof replacement in any season.

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