5 Signs of a Good Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor

If you’re confident in the roofing contractor you hired, this is ideal, because you’re trusting them with a major renovation — one that will add considerable value to your home. A roof replacement that’s well done also will protect your home from water damage and bad weather for decades to come.

Roofing Contractor

Do you think your roofing contractor’s skills and services are exceptional?

Here are five signs to look for:

They Offer Proof of Insurance Without Being Asked

Your roofing contractor shouldn’t just give you a detailed, free estimate; they should make it clear that they respect your intelligence and offer you proof of commercial liability insurance up front. It’s an easy decision to hire a company that puts safety as a top priority and wants to make sure you aren’t liable for any injuries or accidents.

They Have a Payment Structure That Makes Sense

Your roofing contractor shouldn’t require you to pay the total up front, although they may ask for a deposit. Also, you shouldn’t get a last-minute notification about payment requirements; they should lay it all out right in the beginning. The payment plan agreed upon in your contract should be straightforward, and your roofing contractor should stay true to the terms throughout the project.

You Can Get in Contact with Them Easily

You should be able to call up your roofer with a question and get a response right away. They should be easy to get in touch with and believe in forming long-term relationships with clients.

They Treat Your Home with Respect

Your roofing contractor should take care to position the dumpster away from landscaping that could be ruined by falling debris. They shouldn’t trample your flower beds or bother your neighbors.

Even though your property is a work site, they shouldn’t treat it like one. They should use cardboard or plywood to protect your pathways and driveway and they should be sure to ask you about any fragile sprinkler systems or landscape structures before work begins.

They’re Courteous — They Clean Up

A good roofing contractor doesn’t leave a mess behind. They make sure to sweep up all debris, especially nails or other dangerous objects. You shouldn’t find cigarette butts and trash anywhere in sight. Your home should look better than before, because it will have a new roof and spotless landscaping.

Are you looking for a company that follows these guidelines? The Roof Doctor is Utah’s premier roofing contractor for all of these reasons and more, so call today for your free roofing estimate and enjoy attentive, professional service throughout your roof replacement project.

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