Handling West Jordan Roof Hail Damage Issues


handling roof hail damage

Protecting your home often involves being prepared for the very worst possible events, even if they’re unlikely or rare, and a great example here with regard to your roofing ...

On the Process of Manufacturing Roofing Shingles


process manufacturing roofing shingles

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Roofing Themes to Consider If You’ve Just Bought a New Home


roofing themes new home

There are a number of specific components you may be thinking about if you’ve recently purchased a home and are assessing its quality, and one area that cannot be overlooked ...

Primary SLC Roof Features to Inspect Regularly


roof features inspect regularly

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Breaking Down Roofing and Attic Ventilation Options


roofing attic ventilation options

There are a few concepts that will be important for the long-term care of your roof and related home components, and one of these is the theme of ventilation. This is a concept tha ...

On Fire and Resistance Ratings for Asphalt Roof Shingles


fire resistance ratings roof shingles

The primary job of any roof is to protect building occupants from risks of any kind, and these include major disaster risks like fire, floods and related areas. With regard to thes ...

All You Need to Know About Roof Flashing


need know roof flashing

There are a few components within many roofs that it’s worth knowing about as a resident or building owner, and one of these that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention ...