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Breaking Down Roofing and Attic Ventilation Options


roofing attic ventilation options

There are a few concepts that will be important for the long-term care of your roof and related home components, and one of these is the theme of ventilation. This is a concept tha ...

On Fire and Resistance Ratings for Asphalt Roof Shingles


fire resistance ratings roof shingles

The primary job of any roof is to protect building occupants from risks of any kind, and these include major disaster risks like fire, floods and related areas. With regard to thes ...

All You Need to Know About Roof Flashing


need know roof flashing

There are a few components within many roofs that it’s worth knowing about as a resident or building owner, and one of these that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention ...

How to Interpret a Roof Repair Estimate


interpret roof repair estimate

When it comes to many services you’re considering for your home or property from outside specialists, receiving a cost estimate before the project begins is a common and ofte ...

How to Identify Missing Shingles on Your Roof


identify missing shingles roof

There are several important components to most roofs, and shingles are among these in nearly every case. Shingles serve as your roof’s primary form of protection against vari ...

Modern Roofing Advancements for Your New Roof


modern roofing advancements new roof

If you’re in need of a new roof, whether for new home construction or for an existing home or building, your options are far more robust than they would have been for someone ...

Subtler Indicators of Tooele Roof Damage


subtler indicators roof damage

For many who have been attentive home or property owners for a number of years, certain indicators are somewhat well-known as signs of roofing issues. Things like missing shingles, ...