How To Prepare Your Roof For Winter



When it comes to getting your house ready for cold weather and freezing temps, forgetting to prepare your roof for winter can be a costly oversight.
An essential step in winterizing your home is making sure that your roof is ready for the severe weather conditions that come throughout these months. By performing routine maintenance on your roof before winter settles in, you can help your property stay cozy, and prevent costly repairs caused by leaks and ice dams.


Continue reading to learn what you can do to get your roof ready for winter.o

4 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Here are several things you should do before winter hits to prepare your roof for the season:

  1. Clean Your Gutters — A clean gutter system means an effective gutter system. Extend the lifespan of your gutters by cleaning out your gutters at least twice every year: once in the spring and again in fall. Autumn brings intense wind and rainstorms that can cause your gutters and downspouts to clog. If your gutters are not completely cleaned out for winter, the freezing temperatures can cause ice dams that inevitably lead to extensive repairs. With the Utah fall in full force, make sure to clear your gutters of leaves, twigs, nests, and other debris. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure your system works effectively and efficiently and address any concerns right away.
  2. Consider an Ice Melting System — During winter, snow falls on your roof and will melt and run down to the overhanging part of your roof. The water drips and quickly freezes, forming icicles because this portion of your roof has no insulation under it. While magical, icicles pose a serious safety hazard to people walking below, either by breaking and hitting them or by dripping onto sidewalks and driveways, then freezing and creating dangerously slippery ice patches on the ground below. To prevent this, you can install an ice melting system, also known as a heat cable. This self-regulating heat tape prevents ice dams and icicles from forming. 
  3. Professional Inspection — It’s essential that your roof not have any leaks before major snowstorms make their appearance. A simple roof inspection done by a knowledgeable professional can help you locate any potential issues quickly, such as curling or missing shingles, stains or wet spots, and any other signs of damage.
  4. Repair Damaged Areas — After your inspection, you’ll have a clear idea of where your roof stands. Areas with missing shingles, damaged flashing, or otherwise damaged spots leave your home susceptible to leaks that could lead to extensive (and expensive!) water damage. Prevent water from entering your house and repair damaged areas before they worsen by contacting a skilled roof technician.

Prepare Your Roof for Winter with The Roof Doctor 

If you need to prepare your roof for winter, let The Roof Doctor help! Our specialists can handle everything from regular maintenance, routine inspections, new installations, total replacements, and any necessary repairs; we do it all! If you live in Provo, Orem, or a surrounding city, contact our professionals for all of your roofing needs today.



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