Primer on Roof Coating Benefits

Primer on Roof Coating Benefits

At The Roof Doctor, we’re your go-to experts for everything involving residential or commercial roofing products. We’ve dealt with every roofing material and process out there, and no matter your needs, we can help keep you and anyone else in your structure comfortable and protected from the elements.

One area we commonly advise our clients on is roof coatings, which can be used in many cases as a form of roof repair that’s more sensible than a full-on roof replacement. What kind of roofing materials can and can’t be coated, and what are some of the possible benefits here? Let’s take a look.

Primer on Roof Coating Benefits

“Coatable” Materials

One note right as we get started here: If you have an asphalt roof, the remainder of this blog doesn’t really apply to you. Asphalt roofs cannot be coated due to their material type, which isn’t suitable for that sort of thing – though they do provide their own benefits that often make coating unnecessary (in fact, many coating products themselves are made partially of asphalt).

That said, virtually any other roof type can be “coatable.” The material does need to be in proper condition – options like metal or membrane roofs are the most common options for coatings to be used on. There are a number of different single-ply roof membranes out there, all of which generally do well with coating applications.

Cost Efficiency

Particularly if you have a metal roof system, these are premium products – their replacement costs can be significant, and they may also have architecture elements you don’t want to lose for your home or building. In these cases, considering coating can be a great alternative to an expensive replacement.

There are a few different coatings that will work well for metal surfaces, such as aluminum or asphalt. These stop minor leaks that may have formed, and also help the roof look sealed and more aesthetically pleasing. There are even advanced coatings that come with fabric for additional protection.

In addition, note that roof coatings come in a variety of styles and colors. Plus, most cities and states don’t require building permits for roof coatings, so you limit your cost and hassle here.

Direct Stand-Alone Application

Many don’t even consider this, but coatings can even be used in some cases as their own stand-alone roofing systems. Coating can be applied directly over a plywood roof sheathing, providing great protection that will never blow away in the wind. These kinds of coatings are often a perfect overlay for an old roof, as they’re lightweight and durable.


If you consider premium coatings, these generally come with 10- or 15-year watertight warranties from their manufacturers. These warranties are even renewable most of the time. Again, this can be a fantastic alternative to a roof replacement in many situations.

For more on roof coatings, or to learn about any of our roofing repair services, contact the roofing contractors at The Roof Doctor today.

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