Roof Tear-Off vs. Re-Roofing: Which One Makes More Sense?

Roof Tear-Off Versus Re Roofing Which One Makes More Sense

Currently, there are two options for homeowners who want a new roof: a roof tear-off or re-roofing. Re-roofing involves the roofing company placing new shingles over the ones you currently have. A roof tear off, on the other hand, involves completely removing the old roof shingles and installing a new roofing system. Today, we will explain which option is the best for your home:

Roof Tear-Off vs. Re-Roofing: Which One Makes More Sense?

Roof Tear Off VS. Re-Roofing

The only benefit of re-roofing is its lower cost compared with a complete roof tear-off. Since there’s only minimal clean-up necessary, some homeowners choose it because it is more affordable. However, you need to consider more things aside from the initial project cost. A roof tear off before a roof replacement is a more valuable and sound investment because it helps protect your home. The roof tear off process helps you discover if your roof decking or underlayment has any problems.

If left undetected, these problems can cause costly roof leaks in the future even if you have covered up the original shingles with new ones. With a roof-tear off, a roof repair and replacement expert like us can also replace your roof’s water and ice shields and flashings, greatly reducing the risk of roof leaks. You won’t need to worry about surprise problems in the future with a proper roof tear off.

How the Roof Doctor Can Help You

You can trust The Roof Doctor with your roof tear off and roof replacement because of our experience, training, and resources. Our roofing professionals are all fully trained in the latest roofing products and techniques. They are also familiar with all roofing problems and they know how to fix them. When we tear-off your roof, we will be quick, efficient, and thorough. We will also make every effort to keep your property clean and debris free during and after the roof replacement.

As a roof repair and storm damage expert, we highly recommend choosing a roof tear off for your project. It leads to better results and makes sure that all of your roofing issues will be resolved once you install a new roof. You can rely on The Roof Doctor for a quick and effective roof tear off and roof replacement because we are a GAF Master Elite™ contractor. This certification is reserved for only the best. We serve many areas including Salt Lake City. Call us at (801) 512-3614 to learn more about roof tear offs and re-roofing. You can also request a free estimate.

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