Too Much Snow on Your Roof?

Too Much Snow on Your Roof


Accumulating snow on your roof is just part of living in Utah. But what happens when it gets to be too much? When should you start to worry about how it could affect your home?

Too much snow on your roof can lead to structural damage, and in the worst-case scenario, roof collapse. How can you tell if your roof is fast approaching the danger zone?

Good News: Roofs Are Built to Last

Here is something to ease your worries: Your roof was built with hefty loads of snow in mind. Local building code establishes how strong a roof must be and how much snow it should be able to hold based on the average snowfall in the region.

For example, Salt Lake City institutes a minimum of 30 pounds per square foot of roof snow load, up to 4,500 feet above sea level. For higher elevations, the minimum pounds per square foot of roof snow load goes up.

What does 30 pounds per square foot look like? It’s hard to say. You could have 6 feet of fluffy snow that doesn’t come close to reaching the maximum weight allowance, or you could have one foot of heavy, dense snow that taxes the roof severely. That’s why it’s so important to know the signs of roof collapse!

The Right Answer? Monitor the Situation

Whenever you have snow on your roof, especially snow from multiple storms in a short period of time, it’s key to monitor the situation at all times.

Some of the signs the snow on your roof is too heavy include unusual noises coming from the roof or the attic like creaking, cracking and popping.

Also, if you have an active roof leak that is spreading to your ceilings and drywall, that’s a bad sign too. Water damage can weaken the roof’s structure through rot, decay and mold growth.

Finally, take a look at your home from outside. Does the ridge look like it’s sagging? Are there any surfaces that look like they are bending inward? If so, call a professional right away.

Have a Winter Roofing Problem? We’re Here to Help.

At the Roof Doctor, we are well aware how much snow Utah homeowners must deal with throughout the winter. It can get rough. But with our help, we can resolve roofing issues even in the coldest, snowiest of winters. We’re available around the clock whenever you have a roofing emergency.

Call us today if you think you have too much snow on your roof. We can help make the determination and offer advice.

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