Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Ceiling Water Stains

ceiling water damage

Ceiling water stains are a symptom, not a problem. You shouldn’t have any water leaking in your home, especially within a supportive structure like a ceiling. Even if you aren’t panicking about a small brown spot on your ceiling, you need to take it seriously.

ceiling water damage

Water Damage

Any water leak is dangerous to your home. Water damage nearly always leads to mold growth, especially if the problem isn’t addressed and rectified right away. And mold can lead to rot, and rot leads to structural problems. All the above are expensive to fix — more expensive than a simple water leak in its beginning stages. Plus, mold in the home can contribute to a range of health problems.

It’s time to stop putting off a problem that will only get worse. What’s causing your ceiling water stains?

Attic Condensation

One of the likely reasons for ceiling water stains in the upper level of the home is excess moisture trickling down from the attic. When an attic doesn’t have enough ventilation, this can easily happen. Beware: If you have an attic condensation problem, you probably have a mold problem too. A roofing contractor can fix improper attic ventilation and resolve the issues.

Leaking Pipes

Plumbing leaks in the upstairs bathroom can cause ceiling water stains below. This matter deserves your immediate attention.

Grout and Caulking Issues

If the grout or caulking around your tub, shower or toilet is worn out, water can pool and begin to drain into the floor, causing ceiling stains downstairs. Re-caulking is the only solution.

Roofing Problem

Missing shingles or faulty flashing can easily lead to an active roof leak during the next rainstorm. An in-depth interior attic inspection can clue in your roofer as to whether this is the case.

Resolve the Source, Then Repair

Replace any severely damaged plaster and insulation. If the ceiling plaster is possible to salvage, use a bleach solution to remove any traces of mold growth. Then use an oil-based, mold-resistant, non-reflective paint for best results. Apply with a roller after color matching the product to your ceiling.

Need help finding the source of ceiling water stains? We can help. The Roof Doctor is experienced in finding and resolving water leaks due to roofing problems. Even if it’s not coming from your roof, we can rule that out as a cause and help guide you in the right direction. Give us a call today!

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