Winter Roofing: Is it Possible?

winter roofing

Winter roofing doesn’t seem like it would be possible. The freezing temperatures and snow piled high doesn’t lend itself to the best working conditions. But for roofers who are dedicated to their customers, these challenges are in no way obstacles that prevent us from carrying out your roof repairs.

winter roofing

Below are the top two reasons winter roofing is so challenging, along with a list of signs that you need help for your roof now, and it can’t wait until spring.

The Biggest Issue? Moisture

The biggest challenge facing winter roofing crews is the presence of moisture. On a dry summer day, it’s easy to quickly disassemble and replace a roof, without a care for precipitation. But in the winter, Utah’s dry season is in the distant rearview mirror as roofers struggle to keep all signs of moisture out of the roofing process.

Moisture trapped within the roof underlayment or under shingles can have disastrous effects on the long-term performance of the roof. Also, it’s not safe for roofers to be high up on an icy roof for an extended period.

Our solution is that when the snow is piled a bit too high, we try to work in your roofing replacement after it’s melted. Cold is one thing, but moisture is another. It’s still possible to schedule winter roofing, but it depends on the forecast.

Temperature Affects the Roofer and Their Tools

Subzero temperatures are brutal, especially when you’re working on a roof that’s exposed to the wind. While we’re tough enough to handle it, sometimes our tools aren’t. Nail gun compressors can be compromised, and sometimes this means we have to hand-nail shingles instead of using an automatic tool. That can lengthen the time it takes to complete the job, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

When You Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Wait Until Spring

If your roof is actively leaking, you need repairs now. You can’t wait until spring. If you’re beginning to hear suspicious sounds after a heavy snow like popping or cracking, this could be a sign that your roof’s integrity is in jeopardy.

The Roof Doctor Can Fix It

Depend on the Roof Doctor for roof repairs and potentially roof replacements, even in the midst of a cold, snowy Utah winter! Your regular doctor doesn’t take the winter off, and neither do we. Winter roofing is a challenge, but it’s not one we shy away from — we take on your roof problems regardless of the weather outside. Call us today if you have an emergency or want to get a pro’s take on the condition of your roof.

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