Are Roof Stains a Problem?

Are Roof Stains a Problem


Roof stains seriously take away from your home’s curb appeal.

You don’t want your home to be an eyesore, especially if you’re planning to list it for sale in the
near future. More than that, maybe you’re concerned that roof stains point to a deeper problem.

Should you be concerned about shingle staining? What’s the safest, most effective way to
remove it?

What Causes Staining?

Algae causes those streaky black stains you see on your roof. Algae feeds off the minerals in
asphalt shingles, and thrives in moisture-filled environments. This is why you’ll probably see the staining on areas of your roof that are partially or fully shaded — areas that don’t get a lot of sun exposure.

Black algae stains aren’t an urgent problem. They don’t hurt the shingles, but over time, the
moist environment that contributed to algae growth could present an issue. If lichens or moss
begin to grow, the shingles could decay sooner than expected.

Trimming back trees so your home gets more sunlight can address the root problem and prevent further staining and the growth of any plants that could contribute to damage.

What Cleaning Methods Are Appropriate?

You want a way to remove roof stains and restore your previous picturesque roof without
inadvertently causing damage. The most important consideration in removing roof stains is your roofing warranty. Do not ever try to clean your roof yourself or hire someone to do it without first reading the fine print on the roof’s warranty, or else you could compromise your coverage.

No matter what any roof-cleaning professional tells you, power washing a roof is never
recommended. The high-pressure spray can damage roofing materials by stripping away the
shingle’s granules, making roof stains the least of your problems.

According to trusted manufacturers like GAF, hiring a roofing professional to gently scrub away algae stains with a mixture of water, bleach and tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) is the best cleaning method. Only trained professionals should handle this job, because climbing on roofs is dangerous, especially when they’re wet.

Should You Consider Replacement?

Roof stains are typically found on older roofs. If you are coming up on a roof replacement, it
might not be worth it to pay for a cleaning if you need to save money for a new roof.

Removing stains might make your home look better, but it won’t improve shingle performance.
Consider investing the money into a roof replacement to get the most out of your money.

If roof stains are starting to annoy you and you’re ready for a roofing makeover, get in touch
with the Roof Doctor for a free estimate.


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