Roof Replacement: How To Get Ready

How To Get Ready For Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is an important job — it’s essential to the structural integrity of your house and it’s a major investment.

Homeowners who prepare carefully for their roof replacement get the most value out of the project. What should you do first when your old roof needs to be replaced?

How to Get Ready for Roof Replacement

1. Get Your Roof Inspected

You know your roof is aging, but you won’t know the full extent of its condition until you have a professional evaluation. You can have a roofer or a building inspector look at it.

Inspection is a key part of the roof replacement process, because it dictates how extensive the project should be. Do you need your roof replaced, or just repaired? Are there are any structural issues that need to be addressed?

You want to know the problems you may face before the job begins.

2. Explore Roofing Options

Just because you have asphalt shingles now doesn’t mean you can’t get something different next time. When it comes to roofing, you have options!

You may want to consider metal or tile. But besides design and material selection, think about quality too. Would you like an architectural shingle upgrade? Look at which options are within your budget to find the best choice for your home.

3. Research Area Roofers

One of the most important players in this project is your roofing company. It’s imperative that the company you choose is honest, hardworking and transparent. They should also know their stuff; they should be roofing experts!

Look at their online reviews and their social media profiles. Check out their website. Most importantly, ask questions! You should be able to trust your company of choice, and when you get straight, smart answers, that’s a good sign.

4. Get the Paperwork in Order

From building permits to roofing contracts, a roof replacement requires you to get out your pen and start signing. Make sure everything is in order before you agree to a contract. Check over terms and know your responsibilities. Do you have a copy of your contractor’s insurance policy? What about their license? Paperwork protects you.

The Roof Doctor is here to help with your Utah roof replacement. We know you need facts before you can make decisions, and that’s what we are here to provide. We’ll help you through the process, and you’ll see we’re the roofing contractor to trust when your Utah home needs a new roof!

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